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During past 5 years we have been developing Artemisia-origined oral herbal product for the prevention and treatment of gastritis, which is a progressive inflammation disease in the stomach lining. It is caused by many factors such as excessive alcohol consumption, prolonged use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs), surgery, bacterial infection, stress and so on.

Artemisia asiatica has been frequently used in traditional Asian medicine for the treatment of diseases such as inflammation, cancer and microbial infection. Of the compositions extracted from Artmisia, eupatilin and jaceosidin are major bioactive flavones exhibiting various antioxidant, antiinflammatory, antibacterial, and antitumor activities. Our Artemisiae herb extract tablet, showed outstanding preclinical and clinical efficacy as well as long-term safety usually regarded as better than chemical drugs.

Our product is approved in 2012 and expected to sell USD $ 50 M in 2014 for the Korean Market.

*Product information

Product name G-SOREN®Tab
Generic API name and strength 60mg of Artemisiae leaf herb extract
Manufacture of API Extracted with pure isopropyl alcohol and concentrated to 20 : 1
Dosage form
Film-coated oval tablet
Orally three times daily(3 tablets per day)
Excipients All the excipients are listed in pharmacopoeia or with compliable monograph
Indicative material
Indications Improvement of gastric mucosal lesions (erosions, bleeding, redness, and edema) in acute or chronic gastritis
Shelf life (E) 36 months
Package Polyethylene(PE) bottle with PP seal cap
Stability Stable under accelerated storage condition (40°C/75%RH) during 6 months and long term storage condition (25°C/60%RH) during 36 months
Key equipments in manufacturing No special equipments needed