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Incrementally Modified Drugs

We have substantially contributed to the progress of more than 50 pharmaceutical companies in our guests to provide value-added drug formulations and delivery technologies, with particular emphasis on the development of controlled-release oral dosage forms. During the past twelve years, 42 products, almost generic products, have been launched in the Korean market using the proprietary technologies we have transferred to various pharmaceutical companies.

We are now transitioning from being a technology transfer-based operation to being a specialty pharmaceutical company capable of developing and delivering new product lines by ourselves from 2010. We are doing this based on intensive investment in various clinical studies of products currently in our pipelines and using our already-established drug delivery platform technologies. Simultaneously, we are expanding out our business territory to Europe, Japan and the USA and searching for a potential partner to globally develop our pipeline. And we are making enormous efforts and ever striving forward as an R&D oriented specialty company to provide a range of value-added products from the currently marketed key product.

Launched Products
Project Code Drug Indication Innovator Phase
Artemisiae Argyi Folium
Isopropanol ext.
Gastritis Dong-A Launched
GL2602 Paroxetine 25mg Antidepressant GSK Launched
GL2504 Sibutramine maleate Anorectic Abbott Launched
GL1401 Amoxicillin + Pot. Clavulanate
dispersible tablet
Antibiotic GSK Launched