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ERIS(Extended-Release with Improved Solubility)

ERIS technology is to supply a new platform for making a sustained release formulation of drugs, including water-insoluble ones, with zero-order kinetics. This dosage form is mainly comprised of both a combined polymer system and water permeation inhibitor. The former could give a suitable network platform in order to control drug release. And the latter could function to prevent the surround media from easily penetrate into the dosage form core, appropriate combination of which could offer a zeroorder release kinetics in vitro and in vivo. All of ingredients are classified as GLARS grade as well as listed in US FDA’s inactive ingredients list. Particularly, ERIS could offer both functions, i.e., solubilization and zero order release prolongation, in the case of water-insoluble drugs. A technology does not have to add a separate absorption enhancer or solubilizer.

Unit Oxycontin Tab.
Tmax hr 2.00±1.01 5.47±2.70
Cmax ng/mL 13.47±3.24 11.71±2.80
Products by ERIS
Generic Brand Usage Status Remark
1   Felodipine Plendil® ER Hypertension On market Patented
2   Doxazosin Cardura® XL BPH/Hypertension On market Patented
3   Nifedipine Adalat® OROS Hypertension On market
4   Paroxetine 12.5mg Paxil® CR 12.5 Depression On market Patented
5   Paroxetine 25mg Paxil® CR 25 Depression On market Origin in Korea
6   Alfuzosin Xatral® XL BPH On market
7   Ropinirole Requip PD® Parkinson’s disease & RLS Under development
8   Oxycodone Oxycontin® CR Pain Under development