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MUCRS(Multi-Unit Controlled Release System)

A conventional multi-unit dosage form like a pellet has been widely used in pharmaceutical formulation for making a controlled release system. This dosage form usually comprises the multilayers in order to modulate a drug release rate, e.g, water impermeable, permeable polymer or their mixture upon a drug-coated layer.

  • This conventional system has several critical drawbacks such as
  • Typically fast release in initial phase (initial burst) and slower release in late phase
  • The release kinetics affected by the increased osmotic pressure or mechanical pressure in an inert core itself, which may also lead to a rupture of outer release control layer
  • In order to avoid the problems, MUCRS has been developed, which could provide
  • A slow onset of initial release and constant release rate during the remaining phase without slow-down of release in late phase
  • A disappearance of increase of osmotic or mechanical pressure in an inert core itself
  • No need to introduce an additional water-impermeable intermediate layer between an inert core and drug-including layer to prevent the above problems
Products by MUCRS
Generic Brand Usage Status Remark
1   Tolterodine Detrusitol SR® Urinary Incontinence On market Patented
Products by pellet system
Generic Brand Usage Status Remark
1   Tamsulosin Harnal®D BPH On market Patented
2   Galantamine Reminyl® PR Alzheimer On market